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The temperature in Arcadia, a city in Los Angeles County, hit 33 degrees celsius on Thursday.

WATCH: Bear invades pool on sweltering day

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, July 30, 2016, 1:27 PM - A bear is not the sort of visitor you'd usually invite over for a pool party.

Still, that's what greeted the owner of the pool in the video above, when they stepped out last week on a sweltering Thursday with the mercury set to hit 33oC in the California community of Arcadia.

The owner of the video, who is anonymous, passed it to the Arcadia Police Department, who shared it on social media. It's not clear what happened to the bear, but the police force said on YouTube that most of the time, the wildlife in question will wander off without incident.

"This serves as a great reminder we live in a foothill community and we live with wildlife. Be Bear Aware!," reads a Facebook post from the department.

We don't blame the bear for wanting a dip. It's peak summer in California, with temperatures above 30oC not uncommon.

Add in the fact the state is in the midst of a five year drought, and the heat goes beyond an annoyance to become a threat to property. 

Arcadia is not far from the site of the Sand Fire, a major wildfire just north of Los Angeles that forced the evacuation of more than 20,000 people and destroyed at least 18 homes. At least one person was found dead in the fire's wake: a 67-year-old man whom ABC7 reports did not heed an evacuation order.

Thanks to the efforts of more than 1,700 firefighters, the 15,000-hectare fire was about 85 per cent contained as of Friday.

SOURCES: L.A. County Fire Department | ABC7

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