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WARNING! Do not leave fresh fish in your car

(Courtesy: Barbara Prouse)

(Courtesy: Barbara Prouse)

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    The Canadian Press

    Thursday, August 29, 2013, 9:10 AM -

    A Vancouver Island woman says she plans on filing one wild insurance claim after a black bear attacked her car on the outskirts of Port Alberni.

    Jean Thomas lives near Sproat Lake, along the Pacific Rim Highway, and says she regularly sees wild animals like cougars and wolves on her property. But she says a black bear attacked her parked car on Sunday, after she returned home with some fresh fish and stored it in her freezer.

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    Thomas says she saw the wild bruin bouncing the sedan around, banging on the driver's door, trying to open the trunk and even attempting to lift the vehicle from underneath. 

    She says she's not sure if her insurance company will accept her claim for a clawed up bumper and broken driver's-side door handle. 

    Bear Smart volunteer Christina Brack says bears are smarter than people think, very strong and she recommends people not leave fresh meat in their vehicles.

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