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Tickets for drivers who don't clear cars

WARNING: Clear off the snow from your car

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    Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 8:55 AM -

    Police officials in Massachusetts are warning drivers to clear the snow from their cars.

    If not, people driving around with snow on top of their cars will start getting fined.

    State police are issuing warnings to drivers-- when they're cleaning off their windshields, they need to clear the snow off the rest of the car as well.

    Officials say there are no good excuses for not doing so.

    "The snow -- depending on how cold it is, how warm it is, what time of day -- it turns into ice. Sometimes the snow falls off the roof and lands on cars into windshields, and it's almost like a cinder block," state troopers say.

    Failing to remove the snow can result in a $200 ticket in Massachusetts.

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