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There's good news on the horizon for winter-weary Ontarians. After a harsh winter and a bout of frigid weather, southern Ontario will see a return to seasonal temperatures.

Warm-up headed for southern Ontario

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Thursday, March 6, 2014, 7:32 PM -

There's good news on the horizon for winter-weary Ontarians.

After a harsh winter and a bout of temperatures way below seasonal, southern Ontario is on the verge of a warm-up.

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"The frigid air that has been locked up in the Great Lakes for weeks is slowly dissipating," says Weather Network meteorologist Brian Dillon.

"Southerly winds have already started to bring milder temperatures to southern Ontario. Daytime temperatures for Friday and Saturday will be near the seasonal mark, which is three degrees Celsius."

But it isn't all good news.

"A series of low pressure systems from the Prairies will bring a cold front through southern Ontario on Saturday, bringing in scattered snow showers breezy conditions and a possibility of minor snow accumulation," Dillon says, "but temperatures will remain near seasonal through to Tuesday."

Visitors to the theweathernetwork.com have certainly had enough with winter, judging by responses to Thursday's poll -- but users appear to be split on what to do once the warm weather arrives:

Still, some appear to have a plan already in place. Terry-Lynn Gallant says she'd like to use her barbecue, while Marilyn Sveinson is simply looking forward to opening her windows.

The harsh winter weather has been relentless this year. 

The city of Toronto has already broken the record (81 days) for days with continuous snow cover (currently 87 and counting), a record set back in the winter of 1977-78.

On an average year, the city sees 78 cm of snow and so far this winter, over 100 cm has already fallen.

In addition to the snow, the temperatures this winter have averaged out below normal as well.

"We have ranked now officially as the third coldest winter in the last 50 years," says Weather Network chief meteorologist Chris Scott.


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