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WINTER WEATHER | Lake-effect squalls

See it: Dramatic wall of snow descends on city

Caroline Floyd

Friday, November 23, 2018, 3:37 PM - If you live in the snow belts of southern Ontario, or other parts of the country that see snow squalls, you might have witnessed it before -- the moving wall of snow. If you don't, here's your chance.

Albany, in Upstate New York, is no stranger to lake-effect snow, courtesy of Lake Ontario. This week, the city saw lake-effect streamers on and off through mid-week, much as we did on this side of the border. One such band was captured on video, shown above, and it shows both how quickly snow squalls can change your weather, and how eerie the effect can be.

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An actual haboob is something we don't typically see in the Great Lakes region -- a type of dust storm that typically forms along a the outflowing boundary of cold air that precedes a thunderstorm. They make for dramatic images of walls of red dust charging toward cities in the southwestern United States, and from arid regions around the world.

While the mechanism is different, the effect is certainly similar when a snow squall band shifts and abruptly turns day to white-out.


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