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Vancouver: A record dry month?

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    Monday, July 22, 2013, 5:08 PM -

    It's been a dry month in Vancouver.

    "As of July 21st, [Vancouver International Airport] has not recorded any rain for all of July," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

    "Vancouver's record driest month in July was in 1985, with a trace of rain."

    The airport typically sees about 36 mm each July.

    While there are showers in the long-term forecast, it probably won't be enough to meet the average.

    "We’ll have to play the 'wait and see' game for the next week and a bit," Vettese says.

    "The fire danger rating is also on the rise due to the dry weather."

    As of July 21, B.C.'s wildfire management branch had recorded a total of 460 fires in the province so far this year.

    To date, 5,414 hectares have been burned.

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