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Typhoon Utor sinks a large cargo ship off Hong Kong

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    Thursday, August 15, 2013, 7:38 AM -

    The powerful storm went ashore early Wednesday in southeastern China, but not before causing all sorts of problems at sea. 

    The 190-metre-long bulk carrier Trans Summer went down after listing in 10 to 15 metre high waves. 

    Despite the teeming rain and powerful winds, crews managed to rescue all 21 crew members after they abandoned ship.

    Experts say such ships are built to take extreme weather. They speculate that there may have been some sort of engine trouble for the ship to turn broadside. Other theories suggest the ship's cargo may have shifted, forcing the vessel to lose control in such rough seas. 

    A government spokesperson says a joint investigation will be carried out by the Marine Department and China's Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration. 

    Typhoon Utor forced schools and businesses to close before making landfall Wednesday. Financial markets closed as well. Hundreds of flights were cancelled at Hong Kong International Airport.

    With file from the Daily Times

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