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Jut how powerful can a typhoon be? Take a look.

Typhoon Halong moves out of Japan leaving nine dead

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    Sunday, August 10, 2014, 12:41 PM - Strong winds and heavy rain were widespread across western Japan on Sunday as Typhoon Halong moved through the country with devastating force.

    Nine people are dead, two are missing and at least 80 are injured. More than 1 million people had evacuation orders on Sunday afternoon but that number came down to 30,000 by night time.

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    Total rainfall in parts of Japan exceeded 1,000 millimeters. which was enough to flood the first two floors of a junior high school. Six students had to be rescued from the third floor before being taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

    Strong wind gusts were also present. Speeds of up to 180 kph were reported in the Mie region. Between the heavy rainfall and the strong winds, more than 300 flights were cancelled out of local airports. Train services were delayed on Sunday affecting more than 70,000 passengers.

    Hundreds of homes also reported damage. At least 140 of them in Hyogo are now inhabitable.

    Halong's pass through the Philippines in early August left two dead, plenty of communities flooded and places like Luzon in danger being hit with landslides.

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