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One mile from Edmonton city limits, in County of Strathcona. 6 moose walking through snow covered field, in no particular hurry.

Two moose sightings caught on camera in Alberta

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Thursday, January 7, 2016, 12:32 PM - Moose on the loose. Same day, two separate instances, moose sightings were caught on camera in different parts of Alberta this week. 

Weather Network viewer Cory Selinger, sent in the footage above showing a pack of six wild moose walking through a snow field Tuesday morning.

"This is very rare," Selinger said. "Especially this close to the city."

The video was captured just outside of the city of Edmonton.

Later that same day, Calgary resident Jordan Engber came across a moose family on his way home.

Engbers told CBC that his first thought was that horses had gotten loose from a nearby acreage. He then realized they were actually moose.

"It was exciting to see, but I was nervous someone could get hurt, people were putting out their garbage for pickup, driving home, etc," he said in a CBC report.

Like Selinger, Jordan said this was a rare occurrence and the first time he's seen moose in his southwest community.

A police officer was on the scene and it appears the moose made it out of the city safely after leaving on a path to a nearby soccer field.

Were they the same moose? Likely not, but officials say it's not unheard of for moose to travel to populated areas during the winter months. Food sources are typically harder to find due to accumulating snow, so residential areas as well as highways are considered to have more exposure. 

Dimly lit winter days can also pose a hazard on the roads as the animals can be more difficult to spot.

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