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Trouble with ice jams? Call in an air strike

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 11:13 AM - The spring thaw is a fraught time for people who live along the riverside.

Although Canada has, for the most part, got off lightly compared to previous years, parts of northern Russia are struggling with dangerous ice jams.

One town in particular, Veliky Ustyug in the Vologda region of European Russia, was especially threatened with flooding due to ice jams, and when dynamite proved ineffective to dislodge them, they called in the air force.

Russian-language news service Ria Novosti reported two Su-34 fighter-bombers made two separate passes on the most blocked site Monday, dropping several bombs. You can see them go off in the YouTube video above about 44 seconds in.

Image: Doomych/Wikimedia Commons

The service reported that further air strikes were planned Tuesday, while also saying that, due to the bombing, explosives and icebreaker activity, the situation had stabilized somewhat.

Rising temperatures are reportedly causing serious flooding problems in that part of Russia. Thousands of people have had to flee their homes, and the ice jams look enormous in this YouTube video from Veliky Ustyug.

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SOURCE: Ria Novosti

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