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Tropical Storm Erin forms in the eastern Atlantic, forecast to strengthen

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    Thursday, August 15, 2013, 9:26 AM -

    After what seemed to be a slower Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storm Erin has formed southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.

    According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, some additional strengthening is forecast over the next few days.

    A tropical storm warning is in effect for the southern Cape Verde Islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava. 

    Erin is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 50-100 mm of rain over the southern portion of the Cape Verde Islands. 

    Last week, NOAA issued an updated outlook stating the Atlantic hurricane season is on track to be above normal.

    There's a 70 percent chance of an above normal season with the possibility of becoming very active, NOAA says.

    “Our confidence for an above-normal season is still high because the predicted atmospheric and oceanic conditions that are favorable for storm development have materialized,” said Gerry Bell, Ph.D., lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service.

    As a result, people are reminded to stay prepared for the entire hurricane season, which runs June 1-November 30.

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