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Tropical storm Bertha forecast to accelerate northward. Could mean heavy rain and strong winds for the East Coast midweek.

Tropical storm Bertha threatening Atlantic Canada midweek

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, August 3, 2014, 4:30 PM -

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Atlantic Canada is preparing for its second tropical storm of the season. 

Environment Canada says Bertha is expected to tack northward and could at least be a factor for offshore waters in the "Wednesday to Thursday time frame."

Bertha's track as of Aug 8. Subject to change.

Bertha's track as of Aug 8. Subject to change.

The offshore weather pattern is expected to bring heavy rainfall to the coasts of of southern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, but EC says it's still too early to know if the storm will have a direct impact on land. 

Bertha is moving northward and faster than predicted several days ago, adds the agency.

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Early models indicate mainly Newfoundland to be impacted by tropical storm Bertha

Early models indicate mainly Newfoundland to be impacted by tropical storm Bertha

The tropical storm whirled over the eastern Dominican Republic late Saturday after whipping Puerto Rico with heavy rains and strong winds that knocked out power in parts of the region.

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The storm's maximum sustained winds dropped slightly to 75 km/h, but slow strengthening is expected by Monday. 

This is the second tropical storm to have an impact on Atlantic Canada this season. Post-tropical storm Arthur slammed into Atlantic Canada earlier this summer, leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

Be sure to check back as our meteorologists keep a close eye on Bertha's track. We will provide updates on as well as The Weather Network on TV throughout the week.

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