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The first named storm of the season is off Florida, and may impact Canada.

Tropical Storm Arthur to threaten Atlantic Canada this weekend

Chris Scott
Chief Meteorologist

Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 1:20 PM -

The first Atlantic tropical storm of the season has formed off the coast of Florida. 

Arthur is a weak storm currently, but all forecast models show strengthening over the next couple days with the storm potentially reaching hurricane strength as it moves up the US east coast. We saw the first hints of trouble brewing over the weekend:

Arthur is still a long way from any potential impact on Atlantic Canada. However, the computer models have been surprisingly consistent over the last couple days in showing some impact over the weekend. 

Scenarios range from a near miss to more of a direct impact.

What will this mean?  It’s too early to call details but heavy rains are possible Friday into Saturday.  If the centre tracks close enough to land, then strong wind could become a concern.  Given the angle of approach, a complete miss is not out of the question either.  

Imagine the storm like a soccer ball being kicked from midfield towards the goal (Atlantic Canada).  If the ball is just slightly off target to start, then it misses the goal.  However, we’re concerned that the atmospheric kicker, in this case the dip in the jet stream over the Great Lakes, will indeed boot Arthur very close to Atlantic Canada to start the weekend.  

We have a few days to watch and pin down the details.  The key at this point for anyone in Atlantic Canada is to monitor this storm very closely.

TUNE IN: We'll be watching this storm as it approaches. Watch the Weather Network on TV and check back to our website for ongoing coverage.

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