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Toxic: Eight flowers that can make you ill

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    Cheryl Santa Maria
    Digital Reporter

    Thursday, April 17, 2014, 7:35 PM -

    They’re pretty, but they pack a punch. Here are eight flowers you'll want to admire from afar. 

    1. Tropical Milkweed 

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    This flowering plant can be found in the American tropics and is also referred to as the blood flower, scarlet milkweed and Mexican butterfly. It's usually grown for ornamental purposes, but you don’t want to damage the steams or leaves. They exude a poisonous sap that can injure the eyes.

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    2. Bloodroot

    This seemingly innocent flower produces a toxic, red sap that can kill animals when ingested. When the sap is applied to skin, it can cause severe tissue damage.

    3. American pokeweed

    This perennial plant can climb to 3 metres high. Found in parts of the U.S., this plant has berries that serve as a tasty treat for local few bird species. Humans can eat the berries when cooked, but eating the roots, leaves and stems can cause convulsions, seizures and vomiting.

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    According to cancer.org, this plant contains a protein that may be able to reduce tumors in mice. 

    4. Morning glory

    The morning glory plant produces stunning indigo and pink flowers that bloom in the early morning hours, withering as the day goes on.

    Ingesting this plant's seeds can cause vivid hallucinations, severe nausea and stomach discomfort. They’re poisonous to cats and dogs as well, depending on the amount ingested.


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