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Deadly flooding hits Canary Islands

Torrential rain floods Canary Islands

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 9:11 AM - Massive downpours caught the residents of Tenerife off-guard and had deadly consequences.

Local officials had predicted less than 60 mm of rain for the island of Tenerife on Sunday, prompting residents to carry on as normal. When more than 150 millimetres of rain fell on places like Santa Cruz, streets were flooded, 150 accidents were reported and one woman is dead , according to local media.

The 56-year-old woman attempted to cross a flooded intersection and was dragged by the current. While she was quickly pulled out, the impact led to a heart attack which she did not survive.

The Mayor of the capital city had harsh words for local meteorological services, placing the blame of the extent of the damage on their shoulders.

"The meteorology agency again has made a mistake. It's not the first time that [they] say one thing and then the reality we have to face is entirely different. It's impossible to properly react once you have the storm on top of you. We did everything we could," said the mayor to local media.

He then went on to thank his constituents for their solidarity during the incident. It was reported that several young men went across the city taking the elderly to safe shelters while the streets and homes began flooding.

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Closed roads, mudslides, power outages and localized flooding was widespread across the island. The rain also led to the airport cancelling many flights throughout the day. Some planes were also rerouted to other nearby airports.

Two days later, most power outages have been fixed but many buildings in remained closed as they assessed the damage.

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