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Toronto student wins Doodle 4 Google Canada contest

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 6:15 PM -

Toronto student Cindy Tang's vibrant illustration took the top prize in Google's Doodle 4 Canada contest Tuesday.

The winner was unveiled during a ceremony at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). 

Seventeen year-old Tang beat out 70 other finalists from across Canada with her incredible image of a telescope examining the depths of the sea.

The drawing, dubbed Sea Telescope, can be seen on the Google.ca homepage all day Wednesday.

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Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 were invited to take part in the contest, which kicked off last fall. 

They were instructed to submit an image depicting what they would invent, if they could invent anything.

"I would invent a telescope that would show us the depth of the sea (all of it)," Tang wrote.

"I've heard we've discovered less than 5% of the ocean - 95% still left unseen by human eyes."

Tang was rewarded a $10,000 scholarship, a laptop and a $10,000 grant for her school, in addition to exposure.

Her drawing, along with the artwork of the 70 finalists, is currently on display at the ROM.

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