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Toronto just had its coldest January 5 in almost six decades

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Friday, January 5, 2018, 9:36 AM - It's official: The city of Toronto has experienced its coldest January 5 since 1959 -- almost six decades ago.

Toronto-Pearson recorded a low temperature of -23oC at around 6 a.m. Friday morning, easily surpassing the previous record low of -20.6oC and making the record high temperature from this day, 2007's high of 11.1oC degrees seem like an even more distant memory.

The previous cold record was actually the "warmest" standing record for the first 10 days of January. Had this morning's low of -23oC been recorded on Thursday morning, it wouldn't even be within striking distance of the current record-cold low of -31.3oC for that day, set on January 4, 1981.

Toronto's frigid temperatures are part of a deep freeze that is gripping southern Ontario, sending morning lows plunging down below the -20oC mark, feeling colder than -30 with the wind chill in some parts of the province Friday morning.

"Temperatures and wind chill values will be slightly lower Friday night. The extreme cold will continue until Saturday or possibly into Sunday morning," Environment Canada says in an extreme cold warning blanketing the entirety of southern Ontario.

Though there isn't a snowy system accompanying these temperatures for most of the south, it will be a different story in the southwest. The extremely cold winds blowing over as-yet unfrozen parts of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay have been producing blinding snow squalls for several cities.

On Thursday, conditions were so poor that part of Highway 402 was closed, and travellers through the region can expect more of the same Friday into Saturday morning, with some 50 cm of snow possible for the worst-hit areas.

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