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I was wowed by all the new technology!

Toronto Auto Show recap

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Rachel Schoutsen
Presenter, The Weather Network

Friday, February 21, 2014, 4:19 PM -

I'm not one to get too excited over a fancy car and to tell you the truth, I don't even know the full mechanics of the vehicle I drive everyday -- but that didn't stop me from being wowed at the Canadian International Auto Show!

It was a great experience to attend the event for the first time. It was great to see that everything you need to know about cars can be found under one roof. 

One aspect of the event that really stood out for me was the amazing advancements in technology. Ford had a vehicle at the event that had the park assist feature. I was able to ride in the car as the mechanics took over and the vehicle parallel parked itself!

BMW also had a simulator where people at the event could “drive” their vehicle and see how far technology has come. The car had so many sensors and ways of communicating with other vehicles that crashing this car was almost impossible! Talk about feeling safe in your vehicle.

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It was not only about brilliant cars but also about little features that make everyday driving so much better.

Subaru offers a heated windshield to help the driver see easier in snow and ice storms. Infiniti demonstrated just how comfortable you could be in your vehicle with heated seats and steering wheels. These little advancements make driving, especially in the winter, much more enjoyable.

There was a lot at the auto show to catch your eye! 

The paint jobs, perfect displays and over the top features left every visitor with a grin. Nathalie Quesnell, event planner for Infiniti, commented that it takes a ton of planning to get all the vehicles into the event. Weather can play a factor on transporting all their cars in perfect shape. So Infiniti and Nissan wrap every vehicle when being transported to protect it from ice, rain and snow. 

This ensures a perfect vehicle to showcase at the auto show. 


There was every type of tire at the auto show. I really wanted to explore the difference between winter and all season.

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I talked to automotive journalist, Gerry Malloy, and he explained that four winter tires are your absolute best option when tackling winter. It sounds obvious that all seasons should be good across all four seasons and winter tires are great for winter. But why is that? Well, winter tires are softer, which allows you to grip the ice or snow and also has the ability to squeeze out all the winter gunk we see on the roads. To sum it up, winter tires will give you the best traction

Ted Lalka from Subaru agreed. He explains that winter tires are your best bet along with all wheel drive. This will prevent you from getting stuck in ice and snow as you adventure on winter roads.

The auto show was tons of fun. Here are some of the displays I snapped.

A Porsche rotating on a 360 platform.

A Porsche rotating on a 360 platform.

An overview of some displays at the show.

An overview of some displays at the show.

A maintenance team was cleaning this Viper. It goes 330 km/hour!

A maintenance team was cleaning this Viper. It goes 330 km/hour!

Subaru putting on a perfect display.

Subaru putting on a perfect display.

Also, a big congrats to the six lucky people who won free passes from Beat the Traffic!

I’ll be at the auto show again Saturday February 22, hope to see you there.

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