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Severe weather knocks out power, claims one life in southern Quebec

Lightning strikes were common during the storm (Courtesy Shahab Mirzaei)

Lightning strikes were common during the storm (Courtesy Shahab Mirzaei)

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Friday, July 19, 2013, 4:52 PM -

One person is dead in Quebec as a result of Friday's violent weather in that province and neighbouring Ontario.

A 21-year-old municipal worker in Boucherville was killed by a falling tree branch. Two others were injured.

Eight children at a day camp in the Laurentians were also reported injured, after a tent set up as shelter from the rain collapsed on them.

The thunderstorms were as severe as they were because of the days of oppressive heat and humidity that came before them.

When Friday's cold front swept through the region, the combination made the storms more vigorous.

Strong winds and heavy rain caused power outages to 425,000  -homes and businesses -- a little more than ten per cent of Hydro Quebec's entire customer base.

That number was slowly whittled down to around 275,000 by 10:30 a.m. as crews worked around the clock to reconnect everyone.

Several of the province's many severe thunderstorm warnings were briefly upgraded to tornado warnings, but Environment Canada has not yet confirmed any tornadoes at this time.

The agency reported Saturday morning that, based on photos, media and other sources, the damages that were left behind after the storms passed were caused mainly by the high winds, not necessarily tornadoes.

"Although rotation in clouds was reported at some locations, no damage indicated the occurrence of a tornado," a statement reads.

With files from the Canadian Press.


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