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Stormy weather ahead for Atlantic Canada, eastern Quebec

Thursday, September 12, 2013, 8:59 AM -

On Wednesday, a large line of storms spanning from Ontario to New Brunswick prompted a tornado warning for New Brunswick's Woodstock and Carleton County.

That warning has since been dropped, but that won't be the end of severe weather for Atlantic Canada.

A series of disturbances -- including the merging of tropical storm Gabrielle with a low pressure system -- is expected to bring significant rainfall amounts to parts of eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Waves of heavy rain are forecast to continue off and on through the weekend.

"Moisture associated with tropical storm Gabrielle will exacerbate the already-heavy rain forecast for parts of eastern Canada," explains Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "A heavy, narrow band of rain could reach -- or even exceed -- the 100 mm mark in Nova Scotia by the time all is said and done." 

Communities along the Gaspe Peninsula and eastern townships could see up to 50 mm of rain. Western New Brunswick, PEI and western Newfoundland could receive in excess of 50 mm. 

Gabrielle is currently WNW of Bermuda and is expected to continue to accelerate toward Canadian waters. The Canadian Hurricane Centre does not anticipate any major strengthening of Gabrielle on its approach to Atlantic Canada.

"However, Gabrielle could dissipate completely and be absorbed into a low pressure system," Vettese says. "Should that occur, the moisture associated with Gabrielle (or the remnants of) will still bring heavy rain to parts of eastern Canada."

Tracking Gabrielle as it pushes towards Atlantic Canada
Line of storms triggers tornado warnings in southern and eastern Ontario
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