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The twister made short work of her home, but no one was reported killed.

Tornado rips through Missouri town, as severe weather risk looms for Sunday

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, May 11, 2014, 12:35 PM -

The footage above was shot by a storm chaser, strapped with a Go-Pro, as he and an EMT entered a home hit by an apparent tornado that struck the Missouri town of Orrick on Saturday.

The woman at the bottom of the stairs doesn't seem badly injured, and there weren't any deaths reported from as-yet-unrated twister, which uprooted trees, damaged homes, downed power lines and hurled debris across the area.

The Kansas City Star reports the community's 800 or so residents had time to get into shelter, due to tornado sirens firing in good time.

It was part of a line of severe storms tracking east of the Kansas City area, bringing other tornadoes to other parts of the state.

And on Sunday, Mother's Day, still more severe weather is in store for the United States:

Around 3 million people are at risk of weather severe enough to produce strong winds, large hail and damaging tornadoes Sunday.

The risk for really severe storms in the region will be less on Monday, but the system will sprawl in such a way as to make for a risk of non-severe thunderstorms across Ontario and parts of Manitoba, with a slight risk of severe thunderstorms in southwestern Ontario.

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