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Tornado rips through Italy

Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 10:53 AM -

A tornado made its way through numerous places near Milan, Italy on Monday, July 29, scattering debris and sending locals to look for cover. The twister was visible for many in the municipalities of Grezzago, Trezzo and Sanremo. No deaths have been reported but the tornado did result in the injury of 12 people.

Numerous witnesses were able to capture the twister on camera as it destroyed buildings, overturned cars, and uprooted telephone poles. One video shows footage of the funnel cloud forming in Trezzo:

Other sightings in the surrounding area saw more devastation. Stefano Grimoldi was in Grezzago when he witnessed the event. He reportedly saw a truck crash into the wall of a building he was in. 

“Then all the windows broke and we couldn't understand what was happening,” he explained. "Look there is no more roof, no more doors, there's nothing left." 

He also estimated that it took around 10-15 minutes for the tornado to pass through the area. Here is another video, showing different clips of the tornado.

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