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They're more common than you may think. Jaclyn Whittal explains.

Tornado causes widespread damage in Rhodes, Greece

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    Thursday, October 17, 2013, 2:59 PM -

    A strong tornado -- believed to be the equivalent of an EF2 -- ripped through Rhodes, Greece Thursday morning, tearing up wooden fences and uprooting trees.

    Prior to the twister touching down, heavy rain moved into the area causing widespread flooding. 

    No injuries have been reported, but two cars were said to be damaged by falling debris.

    Police have had to divert traffic after major roadways became inundated with flood water.

    Greece typically sees about 6 tornadoes form during the month of October.

    Across Europe, approximately 700 tornadoes form each year.

    Creative commons thumbnail image of the Island of Rhodes courtesy of romtomtom on Flickr

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