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'Top secret ice coating' found in parking lot

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, February 19, 2016, 3:36 PM - In the midst of chilly weather in eastern Ontario, a Weather Network viewer found an icy car imprint in a Cornwall parking lot.

Jace Patkai sent in a video (below) of the strange ice formation, which appears to show the outlining of a Nissan vehicle.

"A Canadian winter, oh what's here? Somebody parked here," Patkai is heard saying in the video below. "Must be that top secret ice coating made specifically for minus 50 degree temperatures."

While it's unclear who 'created' the ice sculpture, it's safe to assume the owner of the Nissan left their vehicle running to warm up the engine, causing some of the ice on the vehicle to melt. When the driver reversed, a layer of ice detached and remained upright because it was stuck to the snow.

Around this time last a year, photos of a near-perfect ice impression of the front of a Jeep went viral, garnering thousands of shares on social media. Similarly, this past November during the aftermath of a storm in Oklahoma, a photo of an icy speed sign went viral. The sign was coated in a thin layer of ice during the storm. As it slipped away, a superb ice-encased replica appeared.

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