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I wanted to see how much snow was out the back door but I should've kept it closed....I had a bit of a cleanup afterwards.
Canadian Weather | Newfoundland

Top Tweets: See what 97 cm of snow in 72 hours looks like

Daksha Rangan
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 6:59 AM - It's a fact that leaves most Canadians amazed, though it's uncertain whether Newfoundlanders feel the same: Toronto has seen 81 cm of snow this winter. Gander has seen 97 cm of snow since Thursday.

Weather Network meteorologist Kevin MacKay noted these numbers in the midst of the province's latest blizzard, which left a whopping 56 cm of snow on Gander alone by Tuesday morning, taking the city's three-day total to just shy of the metre mark.

Looking at the numbers over a six-day timeframe gives a further staggering figure, with roughly 132 cm of snow having fallen over that time.

Adding to what was already on the ground, 238 cm of snow sets a new record for Gander -- shattering the province's previous record of 174 cm from 2004.

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Despite leaving something of a spectacle in its wake, the storm did lead to naturally occurring wildlife fatalities. Whales and dolphins became stranded near shore due to the large chunks of sea ice blown by strong winds. (More on that, and a heartwarming rescue story, here.)

Clear skies follow on the heels of the storm, stretching out to end the week. Here's hoping Newfoundlanders are able to catch some sunshine below the scenic snowdrifts left behind.

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