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A California chihuahua has a new lease on life thanks to a highway patrol officer.

Tiny California dog rescued from busy highway

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    Monday, May 12, 2014, 9:24 AM - A California Chihuahua has a new lease on life thanks to the California Highway Patrol.

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    This is the picture that's burning up the Internet after a police officer with a big heart rescued the tiny dog last Friday afternoon.

    It was shivering in the median of the busy Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek.

    The dog is now at the Martinez Animal Shelter waiting for a new home.

    Sergeant Cedric Williams-Cain says people abandon their bets on freeways more often than you might think.

    "Animals being trapped on the freeway - it does happen. You know, not as often as many people think but it does happen pretty often."

    It's unclear how the Chihuahua made it onto the centre divide and so far, no one has come forward with any information.

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