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Nature is beautiful! Prepare to have your breath taken away by photographer Daniel Csobot.

Time Lapse Tuesday: Watching plants grow with Daniel Csobot

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    Suzanne Leonard
    Weather Broadcaster

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 1:12 PM -

    A botanical garden or a woodland park.

    A tropical greenhouse or your own back yard.

    All are places where you can slow down and relax, connect with nature and linger for a closer look. Photographer Daniel Csobot got very close - and took thousands of pictures to create this beautiful time lapse, an intimate portrait of nature.

    WE LOVE TIME LAPSE! And you do, too! In the weeks to come, we'll be featuring some of YOUR great work!

     Behind the scenes, Digital Editor Cheryl Santa Maria is coordinating a time lapse installment that will take us to Shanghai!

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