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Every day, robots are helping us gain a better understanding of the weather. Here's a look at three of them.
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In 2009, Japanese weather forecasting company Weathernews began distributing the “Pollen robot”, a colourful pod that monitors the amount of pollen in the area and issues colour-coded warnings, based on a scale of one to five.

The spheres were distributed and installed in homes across Japan. Data collected by the bots is sent back to weathernews, which makes the information available online.

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“You cannot really see pollen, but these detectors help you find out the exact pollen levels at a particular location at a particular time," company spokesperson Naoko Tani was quoted as saying.

The technology appears to be working. Allergy sufferers have reported the information collected by the pods allow them to better plan their day -- particularly during spring, which is the height of pollen season.

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