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Three missing after huge mudslide

Three missing after 'unbelievably big' mudslide in Colorado

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Monday, May 26, 2014, 8:23 AM - Three men are missing after a massive mudslide in Mesa County, Colorado this weekend.

The slide hit a remote area near the town of Collbran on Sunday.

Mesa County Sheriff's spokeswoman Lisa McCammon said rescue teams raced to the scene right away, but eased operations after nightfall.

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Police say the men went to look at the landslide and never returned home.

According to officials the mudslide is "unbelievably big," and is estimated to be about 6.4 km long, just over 3 km wide and about 76 metres deep in many places.

The site is in a rural part of the county and there were no reports of any structures damaged or major roads affected, The Associated Press reports.

Heavy rains that fell over the weekend contributed to the slide, authorities say.

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