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    Monday, February 26, 2018, 1:19 PM -

    From a Wild Winter to Wild Spring? Spring will be delayed but not denied

    The Weather Network’s 2018 Spring Forecast examines conditions across Canada

    Oakville, Ontario, February 26, 2018 – The spring equinox is approaching, but winter will not give up easily this year. That is according to The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast which has just been released for the months of March, April and May. March is known for bringing stormy winter weather and the setup for this March looks to be particularly favourable for some wild weather. While the focus of the coldest weather will be across western Canada, winter will still have several parting shots for Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

    “Spring is a temperamental season, with winter clawing to hang on against the building warmth brought by a higher sun angle. While dramatic swings in weather are a normal part of the season, this spring looks to have a particularly volatile mood,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist with The Weather Network. “Weather during the early part of spring will leave many Canadians questioning the calendar as winter will maintain a strong grip on much of the country. Spring will not be denied, but consistently milder weather will be later to arrive than many people would probably like.”

    Below is a more detailed look at the conditions expected across the country this spring:

    Ontario & Quebec – Winter will still have several parting shots following the spring tease many experienced during late February. March will bring periods of colder weather with a higher than typical threat for winter storms. An active storm track is expected across the region, bringing above normal precipitation and stormy weather at times through the spring season. While periods of significant warmth are expected at times, chillier stretches of weather will tend to win out overall.

    British Columbia – While spring typically arrives first to Canada near the south coast of B.C., the arrival of consistent spring weather will be delayed this year. Colder than normal temperatures are expected, especially during the first half of the season. The colder temperatures and near normal precipitation will allow for an extended ski season and potentially a delayed start to the wild fire season. However, this region will transition to a warmer and drier than normal pattern late in the spring with a warm and dry summer expected.

    The Prairies – Consistent spring weather will be delayed this year as we expect a colder than normal March and early April across the region. The minimal winter snowpack and cooler spring weather pattern reduces the risk of flooding from the spring thaw. There are indications spring will feature a more active weather pattern across the southern Prairies, bringing some relief from the very dry conditions.

    Atlantic Canada – While Atlantic Canada has had a relatively mild winter, winter will still have several parting shots for the region including a few Nor’easters. For some places, the biggest snowfall of the year is still yet to come. Back and forth temperature swings should come close to offsetting but with more potential for the warmth to outweigh the periods of colder weather. An active storm track will tap into subtropical moisture at times and bring above normal precipitation to most of the region through the spring season.

    Canadians interested in viewing a video from The Weather Network’s team of expert weather forecasters with highlights of the spring forecast from coast to coast can visit https://goo.gl/BeQmr7.

    Looking ahead to temperatures for Summer 2018 across North America, near to above seasonal temperatures are expected to dominate the continent. The one region that is least likely to see a hot summer will once again be across Ontario and Quebec, where temperatures closer to normal are forecast.

    With the wild swings and stormy conditions in the forecast, Canadians should pay extra close attention to the daily forecast as storms can develop rapidly. Canadians can prepare for changeable weather patterns by visiting www.theweathernetwork.com or by downloading The Weather Network App and creating an account for personalized and up to the minute forecast information.

    Complete Spring Forecast details, including regional breakdowns, maps and charts are available at www.theweathernetwork.com/spring.

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