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The Weather Network Upgrades Weather Graphics System

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 10:24 AM -

    New technology from Canada's #1 weather news source enhances viewer experience

    Oakville, Ontario, April 28, 2015 – The Weather Network proudly unveiled its new state-of-the-art weather graphics system today to television viewers. The system, customized for The Weather Network, offers an unparalleled viewing experience with increased functionality such as the ability to show weather in 3D and hour-by-hour storm evolution. With the new system, on-air presenters will be able to share more comprehensive and engaging weather stories.

    “Weather is best explained through engaging maps and rich graphics, our new weather visualization system allows us to deliver an exceptional experience to our television audience,” said Martin Belanger, Senior Manager, TV & Cross Platform Technologies. “We invest in the newest technologies to ensure we’re living up to our commitment to provide the most complete and accurate weather stories.”

    The Weather Network’s industry-leading weather presentation system allows for rapid discovery of changing weather patterns and provides viewers a clear and comprehensive understanding of how weather forecasts impact Canadians’ daily lives. These advancements provide a number of benefits to viewers including: 

    • Better active weather story-telling and a richer and more engaging weather experience - Includes the ability to show weather systems in 3D, hurricane tracks and provides a more dynamic experience with pans, zooms and tilts while explaining the day’s top weather stories. Additional model data with hour-by-hour evolution shows hourly storm track movement, intensity of storms, track scenarios and precipitation timing and amounts, providing viewers a better understanding of storms and their impact. During severe weather, individual thunderstorm tracks can be shown to indicate the towns in the path of the storm and the hyper-local impact of significant weather events (hail, tornado, flash flooding, etc.).

    • Improved messaging for a more accurate picture of the weather forecast and its impact - Better clarity and map functionality, provided by features like interactivity and clear and effective visual aids make it easier for on-air personalities to explain how the weather will impact one’s activities. This enables audiences to better visualize and comprehend weather data during active weather and informs them about storm tracks and precipitation intensity, amounts and timing.

    • More localized story-telling and differentiated content - Improved radar and satellite data, complete tropical weather maps and a wider selection of hour-by-hour weather model data will show the evolution of a storm system with information about track, intensity, amounts and timing. The integration of real-time data in our graphics system allows our on-air personalities to provide viewers with better localized content for a superior experience.

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