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The Weather Network shares its weather outlook for the August long weekend

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    Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 9:07 AM -

    Primarily warm and dry in western provinces; near or belowseasonal temperaturesand unsettled conditions in the east


    Oakville, Ontario, 29 July 2014 – Whether Canadians refer to it as Simcoe Day, New Brunswick Day, the Civic Holiday or a variety of other names, this upcoming weekend is recognized fondly as the August long weekend among everyone who celebrates. In keeping with its wide array of names, the weekend’s weather forecast is predicted to bring varied conditions and temperatures from coast to coast.  With the holiday days away, meteorologists at The Weather Network have prepared a weather outlook for Saturday, August 2 to Monday, August 4. 

    “The upcoming long weekend looks to be a miniature version of the summer weather pattern we’ve seen so far across the country,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network.  “Fortunately for Southern Ontario and Quebec, the unusually cool weather to start this week will be replaced by more seasonal conditions by the weekend.  As we’ve seen for most of the summer, the heat will be on across Western Canada, with the hottest weather in the country through the B.C. Interior.”

    This week, leading up to the August long weekend, western provinces including B.C. and the Prairies can expect warm and mostly dry conditions, similar to those seen through the first part of the summer. Moving east, Ontario will feel more like September for the final week of July with cooler temperatures and occasionally unsettled weather. The Maritimes can expect near seasonal but unsettled conditions.

    During the August long weekend (August 2 – August 4), B.C. will have the hottest and driest weather in the country, though scattered thunderstorms are expected in the interior.  The Prairies will have more changeable conditions with temperatures returning closer to seasonal, along with the potential for unsettled weather at times.


    Although Ontario will warm up as the weekend approaches, conditions during the weekend will still be near to just below seasonal. Most of the province will experience a sun, cloud mix with potential for scattered showers and thunderstorms at times throughout the weekend.


    The Maritimes can expect the most unsettled conditions. Temperatures will be near seasonal, but humid, and the threat for showers and thunderstorms is more widespread than Ontario.  


    To provide an understanding of how this forecast compares to the holiday Monday of past August long weekends, the chart below shows the historical average and record temperatures and precipitation for some of the major cities that celebrate the holiday across the country.






    High Temperature





    Record Rainfall



    28.9°C (1993)

    29.2 mm (1962)



    32.7°C (1998)

    16.3 mm (1987)



    33.9°C (1893)

    59.2 mm (1919)



    35.6°C (1925)

    34.5 mm (1905)



    35.6°C (1939)

    35.6 mm (1950)



    36.5°C (1983)

    29.2 mm (1996)

    Thunder Bay


    32.5°C (2001)

    19.6 mm (1944)



    35.0°C (1944)

    36.4 mm (1981)



    37.2°C (1944)

    49.2 mm (1981)



    32.5°C (1988)

    34.1 mm (2003)



    29.9°C (2012)

    83.2 mm (2008)



    29.1°C (1990)

    46.4 mm (2007)


    Tune in, download the app or visit theweathernetwork.com for additional Civic Holiday forecast details.


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