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The Weather Network launches first ever live weather Android TV App channel, providing on-demand access to the live weather coverage for your location as well as additional interactive TV weather information you need, with just a click of your remote!

NEW: The Weather Network now on Android TV

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    Monday, August 17, 2015, 6:50 AM - Planning for the day and week ahead just got easier with The Weather Network's Android TV app.

    Android TV is a smart TV platform from Google, which now brings The Weather Network’s innovative weather app to the biggest screen in your house. 

    What is The Weather Network Android TV app?

    The Weather Network Android TV app consists of both a live channel and an interactive app. Once the app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store, users with Android TV can gain on-demand access to live weather coverage for a specific location as well as additional interactive weather information (listed below) with just a click of a television remote.

    Key features

    The Weather Network Android TV app delivers weather data and alerts through a simple, dynamic and efficient user interface (as seen in the video above). 

    Designed for an up to 10-foot TV viewing experience, key features include:

    • IP targeted localized forecasts: Available for both the Live Channel and interactive app, personalized and localized forecasts are available, showing current and upcoming weather conditions. 
    • PointCast technology: Available for both the Live Channel and interactive app, PointCast technology provides weather information as close as 0.6 miles of where you are using a US zip code. 
    • Enhanced weather content: Current, Hourly, 36 Hours and 14 Day forecasts are provided for a user’s favorite locations.
    • Video gallery: A collection of video on demand clips including a daily national forecast a global Force of Nature video series which showcase images of the latest active and major weather events happening around the world.
    • User submitted content: Scroll through or autoplay user’s photos submitted from around the world. 
    • Weather, Radar and Traffic Flow maps: With support from pan and zoom functionality, users can keep an eye on up-to-date weather, radar and traffic maps. 
    • Voice control: Using simple voice commands, weather, videos and photos are searchable via voice activation.

    Ground-breaking technology

    The Weather Network Android TV app is the most recent addition to the company’s rapidly growing TV app family, solidifying its position as an international leader in Weather TV apps with services currently offered in North America and Europe. 

    “The Weather Network is dedicated to reinforcing its commitment to innovation in the international weather market,” said Pierre Morrissette, Chairman, President and CEO of Pelmorex Media Inc., the parent company of The Weather Network. “The Android TV app showcases The Weather Network’s commitment to delivering a great consumer experience using ground-breaking Over the Top (OTT) technology.”

    Where can I get The Weather Network Android TV app?

    The Weather Network Android TV app is available in the Google Play Store and can be dowloaded for free, here.

    “It is a priority for us to be available on the newest technologies to ensure users have access to the information they need to plan their day,” said Naomi Lipowski, Director TV Apps and Emerging Platforms. 

    “Available initially in over 30 American cities, the live channel and interactive app is poised to make weather more accessible and convenient for users everywhere.” 

    Follow The Weather Network on Twitter @TheWeatherNetUS and let us know what you think of the app!

    Watch the video below to learn more about the The Weather Network Android TV app and how it works.

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