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The man with the golden gut

The man with the golden gut: 12 gold bars removed from man's stomach

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 12:36 PM -

    WARNING: Some of what you'll see in the video is graphic content

    You've heard of people described as having hearts of gold, but what about someone with a bellyfull of the precious metal?

    That's what doctors in New Delhi found when a man arrived from overseas in severe discomfort. The man complained of stomach pain and nausea, claiming to have swallowed the cap of a plastic bottle.

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    But what medics found when they were forced to operate was rather more pricey and presumably more painful.

    12 gold bars were removed from the 63-year-old's stomach, each of the objects weighing about 33 grams.

    While it doesn't like much, in total they'd command an import duty of $17,000.

    The gold bars are now in police care and the patient is under investigation for tax evasion, which certainly takes the shine off his import experiment.

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