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The exquisite intricacies of our immune system, explained in cartoon form, all in less than seven minutes: Why you are still alive

Scott Sutherland
Meteorologist/Science Writer

Friday, July 4, 2014, 5:08 PM - With the array of biological enemies that surround us at all times, namely bacteria and viruses far too small for us to even see without some serious scientific intervention, it's amazing that we're still around. For that, we can thank our immune system, which is beautifully explained in this short cartoon video, titled Why you are still alive.

This cool science video was produced by Kurzgesagt (which apparently is German for 'in a nutshell'), who describe themselves as a "bunch of Information Designers, Journalists & Musicians that somehow met and decided to make videos about scientific topics. Because we love science and think it is beautiful."

With videos about time, evolution and numerous other cool topics, including how to destroy the Universe, their love of science and its beauty is fairly evident, and they present each topic in a fun and clever way. I particularly like their Pluto/Charon video, as I support the idea that Pluto and Charon are a double (or binary) planet, rather than a planet and its moon, but all of their videos are worth checking out. You can see them all on their YouTube channel (click here), and you can follow the group via their various social media pages, which are linked under each video.

(H/T to Laughing Squid and Huffington Post)

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