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We examine (and debunk) a conspiracy theory that's been making the rounds.

The burning snow conspiracy debunked

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    Mark Robinson

    Saturday, March 15, 2014, 12:25 PM -

    Here's one you've probably heard at least once this season: All this snow on the ground is actually condensed chemicals or plastic from pollution or 'chemtrails'.

    The proof: Attempts to melt it with a lighter or torch just leave the snow blackened as if it's been burned, or else releases a funny smell.

    It's not just your weird friend. A quick YouTube search turns up a few thousand results from around the world, most of them going with the "condensed chemicals" hypothesis.

    A few actually talked about the scientific explanation for the phenomenon, so we put together this video debunking the conspiracy theorists. Watch it above.

    MORE VIDEOS: We have a some great severe weather, science and animal videos from Canada and beyond in our galleries.

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