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Quite often the weather makes us cry or shake our fists in rage, but on occasion the weather can unite us all through humour.

"That's so true!" The best weather memes of 2014

Lori Knowles

Thursday, December 18, 2014, 1:23 PM - From Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings to Rage Comics, there was a meme for every storm in 2014.

Thanks to social media, our online life in 2014 was basically a 24-7 rehashing of pop culture moments. Being totally hip, we at The Weather Network have found that sometimes the best way to tell a weather story is to let our favourite media icons tell it for us in the form of memes.*

(*Meme: “1) An element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another;
2) A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied [often with slight variations] and spread rapidly by Internet users.”)

Here are the memes that YOU found most relatable in 2014, as determined by unique reach (the number of people who saw a certain post from our Weather Network Facebook page). 


Someecards is a viral juggernaut that has built its empire on a foundation of raw honesty and tastefully inappropriate humour. There is an e-card for virtually any occasion: breakups, hookups, workplace gaffes … and that one special person in your life who won’t. Stop. Complaining. About. The weather.


This image has been floating around the Internet for a couple of years now and sees a surge in popularity every time we reach the point at which winter begins to feel endless, usually sometime after Valentine’s Day. (Seriously, you could set your watch to it.)


And the Oscar for Most Heartbreaking Use of this “Finding Neverland” reference goes to … whoever made this gem.


This image macro (Internet-speak for “Picture with humorous text superimposed for comedic effect”) could apply to any part of Canada in just about any season, but in this case, we posted it in reference to a major mid-spring snowfall forecast for Quebec. The most common response to this post from our Facebook fans? “Glad it’s not where I live!”


There are SO MANY things one does not simply do: Walk into Mordor, stop procrastinating, write with your non-dominant hand … and go to sleep without a fan on, apparently.


June was the month of bizarre and alarming news: flying bouncy castles, twin tornadoes, and an apocalypse-themed wedding. In the face of all this strangeness, we decided to celebrate the simple things in life: good times with good friends in good weather.


Nothing like a hefty dose of REALITY, am I right?


For the uninitiated, this little crudely-drawn guy is a character from an Internet phenomenon known as Rage Comics. Rage Comics are comic strips – usually created with simple drawing programs like MS Paint – featuring characters called “Rage Faces” that depict relatable, humorous true-life situations. This Rage Comic might be called “It’s all relative.”


To paraphrase Drew Carey, “Welcome to Alberta, where the weather’s made up and the seasons don’t matter.”


… And all the candy goes on sale for 75% off.


It’s inevitable that the first snowfall of the season will catch some people off-guard, but when it comes to safe winter driving, we all have to do our share.

Lecture over, back to the memes.



All this back and forth between cold and warm temperatures; it’s enough to make you lose your head!

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