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Tennessee woman arrested for not mowing her lawn

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, October 20, 2014, 6:28 PM - Officials in Lenoir City, Tennessee take lawn care seriously. So seriously that they're willing to throw offenders in jail. Karen Holloway learned that the hard way, according to Yahoo News.

She apparently spent six hours in jail for not maintaining her yard as per the city's ordinances.

According to Yahoo News, it started last summer when Holloway was sent a citation for her messy lawn.

While she admitted the overgrown grass could use some attention, Holloway couldn't find the time in between her full-time job, raising her two kids, and sharing the family's sole vehicle with her husband who also works full-time.

She was also sent a citation while her husband was deployed overseas, serving in the military.

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Last week Holloway was sentenced to five days in jail by Judge Terry Vann for violating the city's standards. That was later reduced to six hours.

Holloway has now recruited friends and family to help clean up her lawn.

She's scheduled to appear back in court in mid-November. If the city isn't happy with her clean-up efforts, Holloway could face additional jail time.


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