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10 times Niagara Falls stunned us: Winter edition

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, March 5, 2018, 5:07 PM - The Canadian Niagara Falls are a beloved national icon.

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People who live in the area may get used to seeing the falls, but every once in a while a photo or video comes along that would make even the most seasoned visitor stop in their tracks.

Here are 10 such photos, as sent in by you.

1. Courtesy: Mark Johns

2. Courtesy: Virginia MacDonald

3. Courtesy: Denys Peel

4. Courtesy: Christine Hess

5. Courtesy: Kirk McIntyre

VIDEO: Canadian meteorologist sees the Niagara Falls for the first time:

6. Courtesy: Tom Morrison

7. Courtesy: Virginia MacDonald

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8. Courtesy: Jeff Johnson

9. Courtesy: Kai Tao

10. Courtesy: Virgina MacDonald

VIDEO: Timelapse | Frozen Niagara Falls | 2015:

Mist of Niagara frozen in time, best shots of frosty falls
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