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Sunday even colder in Ontario - and messy mid-week weather looms

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, March 16, 2014, 9:13 AM -

It's a sunny Sunday in Ontario, but if you've stepped outside today, you know it's not a warm one, and messy weather is set to return in the mid-week.

After temperatures fell throughout the day Saturday, those conditions will continue Sunday, into Monday morning.

"We will be seeing windchills in the mid minus-twenties on Monday morning," Weather Network Meteorologist Monica Vaswani said Sunday.

Sunday's chill won't make for a fun St. Patrick's Day parade in those communities that hold the event on March 16. It'll seem especially bitter, given the incredibly balmy temperatures that covered Ontario two years ago.

Those -20 Monday morning windchills won't last through the day, however, and the sun will likely be shining as temperatures climb to a warmer mark than Sunday, but still uncomfortably chilly.

Forecasters say there will be a chance of lake-effect snow on the west side of Lake Ontario, with a small chance of occurring in the Greater Toronto Area, although winds will pick up Monday evening.

It's Tuesday night that could be messy, as that's when a new system moves in. That system will be bringing milder air, so communities in the south of the province could see snow, rain, or a rain-snow mix depending on their location, beginning Tuesday night and lasting well into Wednesday.

But as it departs the region Thursday, it will bring cooler air in its wake.

CHECK BACK: We'll have more details on that potentially messy system as it approaches through the early part of the week. 

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