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If you've ever looked up to see a sundog you may have thought 'wow', but they bring bad news with them.

Sun dogs stretch across extremely cold Prairie skies

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, January 18, 2016, 4:01 PM - People on the Prairies have shivered in temperatures near -30oC over the weekend into the new week, feeling near -40 with the wind chill.

A ridge of high pressure has kept the skies clear, robbing the region of insulating cloud cover, but also providing an opportunity for a rare, and spectacular, phenomenon: Sun dogs.

Manifesting as bright points of light or even a full halo on either side of the sun near the horizon, they appear when high-altitude ice crystals catch the light just right, and people across the west have been getting a great view of them.

Here are the best shots sent to The Weather Network on social media or uploaded to our online photo galleries. Enjoy!

Image: Latisha Moar, Lake Lenore, Sask.

Image: Dustin Fiala, Manitoba.

Image: Mike Cruzr Scherban, Regina, Sask.

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