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So much for summer! Snow makes its way into Alberta's forecast.

Summer on hiatus in Alberta; August snow a real possibility with temperatures hovering around zero

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 2:42 PM -

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Thermometers have been plummeting all week in Alberta, with below-seasonal temperatures making it feel more like fall than summer across the province. 

"On Wednesday, Calgary got up to 14.5 °C. -- that's nearly half of Winnipeg's high which was 29.3," said Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg.

Sonnenburg says cold air aloft and an upper level trough are to blame for the fall-like temperatures.

But it's not all bad news. 

Winter sport enthusiasts were delighted to see snow -- yes SNOW -- in Lake Louise's forecast Wednesday night.

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"Temperatures hovering around the freezing mark means there is a chance for a rain/snow mix during the overnight," adds Soddenburg. 

The province can expect temperatures to remain below-seasonal for the remainder of the week, although slightly increasing on the weekend. 

In addition to the cool temperatures, showers are also possible through the Prairies -- with the heaviest expected along the Foothills, southern Saskatchewan and throughout Manitoba. 

Be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV for latest updates on this developing system.

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