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More than one case was reported this weekend but the animals aren't considered dangerous.

Summer heat drives bobcats to Calgary backyards

Monday, August 3, 2015, 6:51 PM - The heat in parts of Alberta was strong enough to bring some new guests to residents' backyards in southern Calgary.

One resident that identifies herself as Laurel G on Twitter posted pictures of the big cat, snoozing in the shade.

But the tired bobcat did more than just sleep their Sunday away. The large feline obeyed its natural instinct and proceeded to climb around in its new "habitat" as well as curiously looking into the kitchen window.

In nearby Oakridge, Shelia Foster had even more guests as a mother bobcat brought along her three kittens where they began running around and playing.

Foster told the Herald that the cats seemed to enjoy the fake grass.

"Every now and again, she leaves us a rabbit foot or bit of fur so we know she is hunting successfully to feed her little family," Foster said.

Foster told the Herald that the cats have been spotted by residents who are giving the animals space and time before returning them to their natural home.

Local officials don't consider the animals particularly dangerous but can relocate the animals if necessary.

Source: Calgary Herald

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