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Stunning pics of slackline walking in Toronto

Image: Tom Ryaboi

Image: Tom Ryaboi

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, December 6, 2014, 10:38 AM - You'd need guts to pull off a slackrope walk between two buildings, and the guy in the picture above would seem to have it in spades.

The stunt took place last month between two under-construction buildings in downtown Toronto, apparently at a height of 50 storeys. 

The walker, Gerald Situ, told the Toronto Star he was wearing a safety harness at the time, and that the group who arranged the walk gained access to the buildings by climbing up the stairs.

Slackline walking differs from tightrope walking in that the nylon rope is less taut. 

Several images were posted by the photographer, Tom Ryaboi to Reddit, his Facebook page, as well as to Imgur. They were taken down late last week.

When contacted, Ryaboi declined an interview, but said "the pics were just a teaser to what's ahead."

A follow up email to Ryaboi asking if he had authorization from the city or building owners was not returned.

Toronto Police spokesman Cst. David Hopkinson said anyone wanting to attempt a stunt of that nature would need some kind of permit from the city, as police would have to clear the street beneath the slackline in case of an accident.

He added it couldn't go ahead without permission from the owners of both buildings, which he said was unlikely.

"Going up onto the buildings and doing this is illegal, because you wouldn't be allowed into the buildings to do it," Hopkinson told The Weather Network earlier this week. "Of course, if a landlord did give him authorization, that would be one thing, but if we get a complaint from one of the landlords, it will be investigated."

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