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Students find $40,000 in thrift store couch

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Friday, May 16, 2014, 3:16 PM - Geology student Reese Werkhoven and his two roommates got quite the surprise when they sat down on their thrift store couch for the first time. When Werkhoven rested on the couch's arm, he discovered an envelope hiding under it.

Inside was a wad of bills that added up to $700.

The trio began peeling back the couch pillows and within twenty minutes they were sitting on $40,000 in cash.

One of the students spotted a name inside one of the envelopes and decided to try and return the money.

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After locating the woman's name in the phone book Werkhoven gave her a call.

According to The Little Rebellion he told the woman he had purchased a couch from Salvation Army and she immediately said she had "left a lot of money" in the couch.

The trio returned the cash the next day.

It turns out the woman had been storing money in the couch for 30 years.

The woman, who is widowed, recently had back surgery and had been sleeping on the bed.

The money was lost when her daughter, who was unaware of the funds, donated the couch to charity and had it replaced with a new bed.

The unidentified woman gave the three students a $1000 reward and thanked them for their kindness.

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