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This isn't your typical polar bear dip! See how two university students are giving a whole new meaning to snow days

Students earn 15 minutes of fame through snow swimming

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    Sunday, March 2, 2014, 1:55 PM -

    You probably won't be seeing this sport in the Winter Olympics anytime soon. 

    Two University of Minnesota Duluth students are getting a lot of clicks online for swimming -- in 35 cm of fresh fallen snow! 

    Roommates Shane Campbell and Steve Morris used to be just two seniors at UMD, but with the power of social media and national exposure from the Huffington Post and network news, they've garnered worldwide recognition. 

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    "We had maybe 1,000 [Facebook] likes or so and only a couple 100 shares, and then the shares just started taking off," said Campbell. 

    The day the snow swimmers made the video, Duluth got 35 cm of snow and it was - 2°C , which is actually considered a warm day there. 

    And when asked if they would dare to take the polar plunge again -- in true daredevil form, both said 'yes' without an once of hesitation.

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