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Months of construction work for nothing. See where this was, and how bad the storm was.

Strong winds topple half-built condos in North Carolina

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Sunday, January 12, 2014, 11:47 AM -

Months of hard work building spent building that block of condos in the video above was all for nothing - watch it fall down like a set of building blocks in the face of the stiff winds that were lashing North Carolina this weekend.

Gusts of more than 135 km/h were reported in parts of the state. They lashed homes, trees and infrastructure for much of Saturday.

Local news station WRAL reported at least one person was killed in the state, a woman who was hit by a falling trees.

As well, around 2,100 customers were still without power Sunday morning, down from more than 46,000 at the storm's peak.

The system struck several states across the south. 

At least one funnel cloud was reported, and tornado watches were in place in Georgia, which also struggled with strong winds.

In that state, a teenager was trapped by a falling tree when it fell on her mobile home.

She was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Far to the west, strong winds downed trees in Oregon and knocked semis off regional highways in Montana.

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