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Deadly storms lash UK

Storms lash the United Kingdom killing at least two; more foul weather on way

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Saturday, February 15, 2014, 7:47 PM -

Two people have died in weather-related incidents as storms continue to batter Britain. 

One woman died in central London when part of a building collapsed on the minicab she was driving during a heavy windstorm. 

One cruise ship passenger also died after high winds kicked up giant waves in the English Channel. 

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The army was also called in to rescue 30 people from a seafront restaurant in Hampshire southwest of London after high winds blew a shingle through its windows, allowing flood waters in.

Officials said Saturday that 22 severe flood warnings are in place, meaning lives are in danger at those points. More heavy rain and winds are expected Saturday. 

In Hertfordshire, north of London, residents of 17 homes were evacuated Saturday after a six-metre deep sinkhole developed overnight on a quiet residential street. 

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Police said the residents were removed as a precaution as the area was cordoned off. 

Britain has experienced its worst flooding in decades as many rivers remain at record high levels.

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