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For those questioning if winter had called it quits, a major snow storm Tuesday proved it is only mid February after all. In fact, one Ontario city set a new one day snowfall record during Tuesday's storm after over 50 cm piled up.

Highest one day snowfall recorded in THIS Ontario city

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 7:01 AM - For those questioning if winter had called it quits, a major snow storm Tuesday proved it is only mid-February after all.

The snow pushed into southern Ontario early Tuesday, doubling commute times and prompting bus cancellations first thing.

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Close to 10 cm of snow was recorded in major cities like Toronto and Markham before easing through the afternoon hours.

"Snowfall amounts in the Greater Toronto Area were in the 5 to 10 centimetre range, as this area was only grazed the western edge of the huge snow shield associated with this winter storm," said Environment Canada in a storm summary. 

The storm in eastern Ontario however, was relentless.

"The highest 24 hour snowfall accumulation for Ottawa was recorded Tuesday with a whopping 51 cm of snow," says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern. "That smashed the old record of 40.6 cm of snow set back on March 2, 1947."

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Road conditions deteriorated quickly across eastern communities, with not much improvement by Wednesday morning.

"Due to snow accumulation and stranded vehicles, student transportation is therefore cancelled today Feb 17, 2016," tweeted the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority early Wednesday. "Schools remain open."

Those with air travel plans are also urged to call ahead as clean-up efforts may impact flights.

Ottawa Police reported nearly triple the normal number of collisions on city streets on Tuesday, with 120 accidents in just a 12 hour period. In addition to the heavy snow, places like Cornwall also saw 20 mm of freezing rain, which resulted in slick roads and ice build-up.


"A cold front moving southeast on Wednesday will bring scattered snow showers through the morning, clearing into the afternoon," says Wenckstern. "A strong Alberta clipper that moves through predawn Friday will likely bring a burst of snow into southern Ontario, spreading east through the morning hours."

Between 4-8 cm of snow is forecast for eastern Ontario Friday with heavier amounts possible in central and northern Ontario.

"Then we can expect a milder weekend ahead with above freezing temperatures for most across the province," Wenckstern adds.


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