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Storm hunters surfaces after 10 days

Monday, August 12, 2013, 4:04 PM -

After 10 days aboard a Russian ice-breaker The Weather Network’s Mark Robinson and fellow stormhunter George Kourounis surfaced Monday, with a quick video update of their global position. 

The two have been traveling across the arctic region collecting stories of climate change and how the weather affects the local populations, and will present their findings and stories as part of a television series later this year on The Weather Network. 

The video above, which was sent while the two were in a region that had internet access, shows a glimpse of what they have seen and just how amazing the trip has been thus far. As mentioned in the video, they have recently made their way through Jakobshavn Icefjord after spending time in the arctic straits aboard an ice-breaker. The location where Robinson can be seen in the video is the third largest town in Greenland, and is the birthplace of many of the icebergs that end up drifting through Newfoundland waters.

Map of where the two have ventured so far

Map of where the two have ventured so far

Where else have they been so far? A map tracking their location across the arctic has been set up so that you can follow their journey. By clicking here, you can see where they have traveled, with some of the trip being spent out on the open sea with little or no view of the land. Certain points on the map have also been tagged and include brief messages about their journey. The messages not only show where and when they were at certain locations but also what they have seen and experienced. 

Here is one post that George sent while travelling by ship around the coast of Nunavut: 

“More polar bears today, one was carrying a fresh seal kill.” 

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